Photographer & CEO of Priime

Code and companies

Priime - Founder and CEO. Y Combinator W15.

Snapwire - Strategic Advisor

BeRecruited - Lead technical architect. (past)

Fanvibe - Founder and Developer. YC S10. (past)

Yardbarker - Senior software engineer (past) 

Browseology - Cofounder and Developer (past)

Secure Computing - Software engineer (past)


Land Rover - Photographer. Wunderman / Young & Rubicam.

Paypal - Photographer. Edelman.

All Stars Helping Kids - Photographer 

San Quentin - Photographer. CA Reentry Program

Freelance - Wedding, event, portrait, fashion, travel, commercial, and product photography

Fashion - Consultant, producer, photographer. Various clients


social and links

Priime - My latest published photography collections

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Twitter - Actively reading and tweeting

LinkedIn - Career profile

Flickr - All of my photography

Instagram - Select photos from my iPhone.

Tumblr - A photo blog of my latest work

Stocksy - Where I license my photographs for stock